Yoga Orkestra... a concert like no other...

Imagine a concert that takes you in a journey of sounds as well as a travel into your own body... A concert where each sound is a breath and each breath a movement...

The Yoga Orkestra is born from a group of nomadic Yogis and Musicians who meet regularly to lead special concerts involving the practice of movement with musical accompaniment. It is a project that gathers two distinct practices to induce in the spectator a different state of listening. It creates a space where the public’s habits and landmarks can transform, a space of openness and sharing. The percussions, voices, bells and many other surprises, carry the guided movements.

Open to all ages the Yoga Orkestra invites everyone to share a moment of deep relaxation, fun and musical ecstasy practicing an accessible and unusual Yoga session, . It can happen outdoors or indoors. It is the perfect setting to relish a moment of grace with friends, family and unknown folks! It brings people together, leaving everyone a delicious and deep memory of their shared time together.

INvite the yoga orkestra!

You can invite the YOGA ORKESTRA to your town ,festival, home... Unlike other events, most of the collected funds is given to organizations helping the most deprived.

THE Moving Team


Nathalie Gimenez Von Oertzen. Creator of the project since 2015. Yoga teacher. Ingy-Ganga Volando. Voice, Sensula, various instruments. Yoga teacher. Rodrigo. Tablas, percussions. Jeff. Flutes, various instruments.


Djahiz Gill. Guitar, voice - Yohanna Biojout  (Bliss) Voice, Hang, Sensula, Tibétains bowls, Yoga teacher - Cadine Navarro Voice. Yoga teacher. Amaury Werkin. Didgeridoo, Halo, Tibétains bowls, divers instruments.

Val d'Isère, performance méditative:

Cecile Roubaud Dance - Lilian Durey. Dance. Yohanna Biojout  (Bliss) Danse - Rodrigo. Tablas, percussions - Jeff. Flutes, diverse instruments.